Nina Polachek, soprano

Nina Polachek


Nina Polachek is a Dallas-based soprano and a singer-philosopher. She studied voice at both Boston University College of Fine Arts and Rollins College School of Music in Winter Park, FL. Over the past decade, Nina has been featured in recitals and concert series throughout the U.S., singing with ensembles such as the Imperial Symphony OrchestraThe Villages Philharmonic OrchestraConcert Lyric Opera, and The Word on Broadway Series. At age 17, she was invited to Bolivia as a featured soloist for their International Festival de Musica Barroca. She spent the last four years of her graduate study developing a philosophy of singing, recently graduating from Boston University with a M.T.S. in philosophy and aesthetics. Most recently, Ms Polachek can be found traveling between DFW, Orlando, and the northeastern U.S. coast as a featured artist in concerts and recitals.

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